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As a leader in beauty and personal care product manufacturing, Akshar Biovedic provides you with the opportunity to develop cosmetic products for your brand using our world-class cosmetic contract manufacturing facilities.
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Contract Manufacturing

We make it easy for you

Akshar Biovedic is a leading cosmetic contract manufacturer specializing in natural ingredients for cosmetic products. With extensive experience and expertise, we offer top-notch contract manufacturing services globally. We provide complete assistance from product ideation, manufacturing, designing, packaging, and printing to delivering the final products. Our relentless efforts and innovative ideas have enabled us to serve top brands worldwide over the past years.

How it Works?

We provide advanced and progressive cosmetics contract manufacturing solutions worldwide. Specializing in third-party manufacturing for beauty and personal care brands, we customize your products from formulation to packaging according to your requirements. Our beauty products and essential oils are crafted after extensive research and prepared under the expertise of our R&D team.

We help you design and label cosmetic products according to the latest marketing trends. We also accept custom formulas to create new and innovative products for our clients. Take a look at the step-by-step process of our cosmetics contract manufacturing services:

Product Manufacturing

Just name the ingredients you want in your products, and our experts will make it happen! We offer consultation services to help you choose the best products that align with your company’s vision, mission, and ethics. Resolve all your queries by speaking with our team via call or email.

Picking Your Packaging

Choose packaging that appeals to your target audience and helps your brand grow faster. Our design and packaging options make your products easily recognizable to consumers. Our experienced design team is always ready to take on new challenges, consistently creating stellar designs.

Establishing Your Brand Identity

With years of experience in cosmetic third-party contract manufacturing, we know what it takes to establish and maintain a strong brand identity. Our marketers are equipped with the latest strategies and social branding tools to keep you one step ahead of your competitors.

Designing Your Packaging

Our design superstars understand the diverse needs of our clients. We offer customized packaging design, including logos, packaging, and labels, as part of our contract cosmetic manufacturing. Simply email your requirements, and our experts will turn your imagination into reality!

Marketing & Selling Your Product

Apart from cosmetic contract manufacturing, we also engage in distributing, marketing, and selling them through both offline and online. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the products as we will offer complete support during promotions, product launches, and marketing campaigns. We also specialise in creating a strong social media presence and strive to redefine your brand image.

Manufacturing Range

If you are looking to manufacture premium-quality skincare, hair care, men’s grooming, bath & body, or any personal care products, we are here to help. As a top cosmetic contract manufacturer, we offer a diverse range of cosmetic products to help brands expand their offerings. We conduct thorough market research to provide the best product suggestions for your cosmetics business. Here are some of the popular offerings in our contract cosmetic manufacturing services:
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-> Creams and Moisturizer's
-> Skin Toner's
-> Lotion's
-> Face wash and Cleanser
-> Facial Kit's
-> Lipcare
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-> Shampoo
-> Conditioner
-> Keratin Care
-> Keratin Treatment
-> Hair Mask
-> Hair Spa
-> Hair Serum
-> Hair Oil
-> Hair Cream


-> Moisturizer Soap
-> Medicated Soap
-> Luxury Bathing Soap
-> Shower Gel
-> Hair Removal Cream
-> Glycerine Soap
-> Foot Cream


-> Baby Soap
-> Baby Shampoo
-> Baby Oil
-> Baby Moisturizer
-> Baby Cream
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-> Hand Wash
-> Sanitizer